Information about Fromahome Marketplace



Thank you for your interest in knowing about Fromahome. 

Fromahome is an online marketplace that connects people who are looking for home cooked food with home cooks nearby. 

Our mission is to help people buy and sell home cooked food right at home. 

It all started in 2015. After having moved to Chennai, Myself along with my friends, who were staying away from our parents, were heavily relying on hotels, restaurants for our daily meal requirements. 

However, eating out on a daily basis cost us most of our earnings, time and made us unhealthy. We were tired of eating out and we wanted to have home made food. 

But, we did not have time to cook ourselves, neither did we know how to cook at the first place. Therefore, we started searching for people who are selling home made food. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone selling home made food. And there was no easy way to find such home cooks.

Like us, there were plenty of such people who were having the same issue. 

That's when we have decided to do something about it and created a platform that helps people buy and sell home cooked food online. That's how Fromahome was born. 

Fromahome is designed to help both the foodies and the home cooks as given below.  

As a Foodie:

  • You can explore home cooked food nearby
  • You can place an order online
  • You can pay the home cook online
  • You can enjoy Fresh, home cooked food that is healthy and hygienic
  • You can redeem your time and save money and get healthy

As a Home Cook:

  • You can get online and start selling food
  • You can make an extra income from home
  • You can turn your passion into a business
  • You can get paid directly to your account
  • You can help the hungry souls get authentic and hygienic food 

Our Team:

Our team includes of couple of our developers, freelancers and myself. 

I thank you for taking your time to read this far. 

If you have any queries, you can get in touch with me at

Thank you.