Information about Fromahome Marketplace

How it works

How it works

As an online marketplace for home made food, both the home cooks and foodies need to register themselves in order to carry out a transaction at 

Generally, the marketplace works as below. 

Home cooks list meal plans in the site
Foodies place order with home cook
Foodies make online payment
Home cook receives the order
Home cook prepares the food and delivers it to the foodie
Home cook receives the payment in her bank ac
Foodies leave a review for the home cook in the site

Individually, the marketplace works as follows. 

Steps For Foodies (Buyers):

  1. SignUp/Login
  2. Find meal plans in your location
  3. Finalize a meal plan
  4. Place order
  5. Make payment online
  6. Home cook delivers your food for a week/month based on plan 
  7. Enjoy authentic home cooked food
  8. Leave review for the home cook

Steps For Homecooks (Sellers):
  1. SignUp/Login
  2. Post a new listing (Meal Plans)
  3. Fill in the required details about meal plans
  4. Write a good description about the meal plans
  5. Upload authentic photos of food
  6. Set a price for your meal plan
  7. Fill in your bank account details to get payment
  8. Once order is placed, you will receive notification via email
  9. Prepare food and deliver it to customer
  10. Get payment credited to your bank account
  11. Collect feedback from customer and grow your business

Important Information (for sellers): We charge a 10% fee on every order. For example, if a customer is placing an order for Rs. 100, we will charge you 10% of Rs. 100 (Rs. 10) for our services rendered, and the payment gateway will charge you ~4% (Rs. 4) for facilitating the online payment.  Thus, You will receive the remaining Rs. 100-10-4, which is Rs. 86 as your earning. 

a). Customer payment: Rs. 100
b). Fromahome fee (10%): Rs. 10
c). Payment gateway fee (4%): Rs. 4 
d). Seller earning: Rs. 86 (a-b-c)